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Exclusive views: Craft an incredible customer journey with Privech

Let us delve into what Exclusive Views truly mean. In essence, each User of Privech is granted just one Exclusive View pack per day. This package is comprised of three components: one video, one push notification, and one email/newsletter – and it’s exclusively from a single brand. This unique approach ensures that the target group remains completely immersed in the brand’s message.

On the flip side, Privech® generously rewards users with loyalty points for each visualization, further enhancing their interest in following brand campaigns.

With the powerful Privech Campaign Creator, you can design and implement any customer journey you can imagine. It operates automatically, on a global scale, and in real-time. Unleash the potential of the Powerful Digital Funnel and revolutionize your customer engagement with Privech.

Privech Rewards: Engage and Delight Your Audience

At Privech, we believe in rewarding users for their attention and engagement with your brand. Our platform provides a seamless experience for delivering rewards to users, eliminating the need for companies to handle reward distribution. 

Whether it’s reading, watching, listening, liking, inviting, downloading, visiting a store, testing a product, or making a purchase, Privedge empowers you to define and distribute rewards for each interaction. Foster a deeper connection with your audience and make every interaction more rewarding.

Benefit from Cutting-Edge, Secure, and User-Friendly Technology

Privech is powered by technology that sets us apart from the rest. Create captivating campaigns with ease, as our platform enables you to swiftly generate, monitor, and update them remotely. Global reward delivery is seamless and highly secure, eliminating cumbersome processes for Users, like logging into web portals, sifting through catalogues, and printing gift cards that can’t be changed once produced.

With Privech, the user experience is unmatched. Our app provides a seamless journey, unlike traditional web portal interactions. Additionally, our multicurrency features and send/receive options empower your employees and customers to share their rewards with friends and family, amplifying attention and interest in your company and your brands.

Experience the difference that Privech technology brings to engaging with your target audience!

Why choose Privech App
to inspire your target groups

Privech amalgamates flexibility continuous attention and interaction rewards, delivering an unmatched user experience

Flexibility at Fingertips

With our innovative Privech App, Universal Gift Card can instantly convert into any retailer’s Gift Card from the Privech Catalogue.

Your customers or partners will say goodbye to the cumbersome processes of activating gift cards on web portals, printing, and being stuck with an unalterable choice.

Our ultra-fast, secure technology delivers Retailer’s Gift Card directly to their app during checkout in-store or online within two seconds. This unprecedented flexibility enables your customers to select exactly what they desire when they need it.

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Unparalleled Reach

Offering access to over 1 million stores globally, the Privech App brings an astonishing range of options.

From retail stores to dining places, fuel stations to digital streaming services, and more, your employees and customers can opt for rewards that truly appeal to them.

This flexibility not only enhances the perceived value of rewards but also optimizes the influence of your recognition program. Make every reward significant with Privech.

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Global rewards distribution

Privech provides a fully digitized, secure solution for global rewards distribution and redemption.

With immediate delivery of Universal Gift Cards, you can acknowledge your target groups anywhere, ensuring their data stays secure.

Privech supports multiple currencies, allowing you to offer incentives in any country available on the platform and enabling users to spend Universal Gift Cards worldwide. Connect and reward effortlessly, regardless of geography!

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Privech Loyalty Program

Each day a user engages in an Exclusive View by watching videos or interacting with brand newsletters and push notifications, Privech rewards them with loyalty points.

Users are also rewarded for purchasing Gift Cards, which further improves the accuracy of their profile based on shopping habits.

Each time users accumulate 500 points, they receive a €15 UGC reward, which can be transformed into any Gift Card from the Privech Catalogue.

Privech is fully

Privech is dedicated to being a completely green technology. Traditional single-use plastic Gift Cards can have a substantial environmental impact, producing up to 60 grams of CO2 per card and leading to millions of kilograms of PVC waste.

Even paper-based Gift Cards consume considerable energy.

On the other hand, Privech offers a digital solution that removes the need for physical plastic or paper cards.

By choosing Privech, you contribute to a greener future by reducing waste and shrinking your carbon footprint, while enjoying the convenience and adaptability of digital rewards.