Intelligent Digital Marketing

Promote your brand to premium shoppers within the PrivEdge community. Receive confirmation for each interaction with shoppers and benefit from exceptional analytics. Amplify the impact of your campaigns with complimentary Gift Cards earned as payback for utilising the PrivEdge digital channel.

An unparalleled line-up of services

The PrivEdge platform enables you to engage with a target audience that exhibits consistent and above-average consumption. Select the growth drivers for your business from the options provided below.

Promotion & Gift Cards

Launch intelligent digital marketing campaigns and receive up to 90% payback in gift cards!
Smart digital marketing campaigns don’t have to be costly!

Build your brand value using the PrivEdge digital channel, while leveraging PrivEdge gift cards as a potent tool for customer loyalty and incentives for your clients, partners, or employees.

Promotion & Scratch Labels

Expect effective results from smart digital marketing, even if you’re a manufacturer or a B2B company.

Easily upload your promotional materials, including images, texts, website links, or videos in under a minute. Choose your desired promotional budget and receive a complimentary set of Scratch Off Labels. Gain a competitive edge by utilising Scratch Off Labels to reward your existing customers and attract new clients simultaneously.

Vouchers in Your Store

Reward Customers with ADTT

If you’re a fan of the PrivEdge business model and want to offer your vouchers to PrivEdge shoppers, rest assured that it can be done in a matter of hours. PrivEdge provides a turnkey solution with an integrated system for voucher production, Business App, and POS App, enabling you to activate an unlimited number of stores and e-commerce platforms with just one access key. Choose any discount you prefer, and we will convert it into an amazing reward: shopping points – ADTT.

Brand Advertising

Experience outstanding advertising outcomes with our high-performing campaigns, surpassing other digital platforms.

Simply select the Ad Pack you need and retain your Access key in ADTT for 3 years. You can launch an unlimited number of campaigns each year, with a total value twice the price of your chosen pack.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive!

How it works

Download the Business App and activate your company within AD:VANTAGE.

Design your digital campaigns using the platform.

Distribute the gift cards you've received as payback.

Monitor the analytics of campaigns and loyalty/incentive programs you've launched.

Buy new campaigns whenever you require them.