Crypto rewards displace traditional reward points

Many reward programs fall short of providing enough value to customers, as the ways of spending the hard-earned points are limited.

With the average household participating in multiple reward programs, businesses should create or join programs that are unique and distinct.

In terms of consumer value, joining a token-based rewards ecosystem open to third-party businesses is a means of giving customers a wealth of diverse ways to earn their rewards.

Consumers feel empowered and perceive greater value when receiving currency in their app instead of receiving points. And that’s exactly what makes the AD:VANTAGE platform unique and distinct. AD:VANTAGE enables Brands, Retail Chains, and Merchants to transform their discounts and loyalty budgets into attractive cryptocurrency rewards for their Customers.

The potential upside of increased value on rewards for Customers is very enticing.

As brands and merchants look to appeal to younger consumers and their transaction preferences, this new offering represents a unique opportunity to satisfy the increasing demand for crypto, payment, and rewards flexibility.