Amplify Your Reach

Promote your brand to a vast and engaged audience through our platform.

Gain visibility and capture the attention of real customers, especially employees from other brands promoted on our platform.

Utilize our highly sophisticated targeting capabilities, leveraging shopping habits data, to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

Maximize your brand’s impact and drive conversions with precision!

Renewable Advertising Budget

Unlike traditional advertising methods, where the budget is a one-time expense, Privedge™ transforms your advertising budget into a renewable resource. With our incredible payback in Universal Vouchers, every euro/dollar spent on advertising fuels highly efficient incentive programs for your employees and customers.

By allocating your advertising budget through Privedge™, you not only promote your brand but also create a powerful system of retention and loyalty. The more you spend on advertising, the greater the incentives you receive in return. It’s a win-win scenario that maximizes the impact of your advertising budget while fostering lasting connections with your employees and customers.

Unleash the Power of Privedge™ Digital Advertising

Maximize brand reach, engage with a targeted audience, and drive conversions with precision using our innovative digital advertising solutions

Digital Funnel:

Craft an incredible customer journey with Privedge™

Imagine a scenario where customers encounter your brand through various channels. They see your billboard or read your ads in newspapers. You offer them a QR code that instantly rewards them with TreasureGems (TG), enabling you to gauge the effectiveness of different media in your campaign.

Next, they receive a push notification, inviting them to watch a video tailored to their shopping profile. As they engage with the video, they earn additional TG.

Later, you send them an email inviting them to visit your store or website, and if they make a purchase, they receive even more TreasureGems.

This is just an example.

With the powerful Privedge™ Campaign Creator, you can design and implement any funnel you can imagine. It operates automatically, on a global scale, and in real-time.

Unlock the potential of the Powerful Digital Funnel and revolutionize your customer engagement with Privedge™

TresureGems: Interaction Rewards

At Privedge™, we believe that users deserve to be rewarded for their attention and engagement with your brand. With our platform, you can directly provide those rewards.

Send TresureGems for every interaction users have with your brand, whether in the virtual world or in the real world.

Whether it’s reading, watching, listening, liking, inviting, downloading, visiting a store, testing a product, or making a purchase, you have the power to define and deliver rewards for each interaction.

Reward your users’ engagement and foster a deeper connection with your brand through TresureGems.

With Privedge™, interaction has never been more rewarding!

Benefit from our Cutting-Edge, Secure, and User-Friendly Technology

Privedge™ is powered by technology that sets us apart from the rest.

Create captivating campaigns with ease, as our platform enables you to swiftly generate, monitor, and update them remotely.

Global reward delivery is seamless and highly secure, eliminating the need for cumbersome processes like logging into web portals, sifting through catalogues, and printing gift cards that can’t be changed once produced.

With Privedge™, the user experience is unmatched. Our app provides a seamless journey, unlike traditional web portal interactions. Additionally, our multicurrency features and send/receive options empower your employees and customers to share their rewards with friends and family, amplifying attention and interest in your company and your brands.

Experience the difference that Privedge™ technology brings to the management of incentive and loyalty programs.