Maximize Brand Reach and Drive Conversions

Promote your brand to a vast and engaged audience through our platform, capturing the attention of real customers, including customers, employees, collaborators, suppliers, and business partners from other brands promoted on our platform. With Privech™, you can amplify your brand’s impact and drive conversions with precision.

Harness the Power of Arbiter
Engage with Targeted Groups through Privech™ Marketplace

As a Brand that uses Privech™ digital advertising channel, you will have the influential role of becoming an Arbiter in determining how rewards from the Privech™ Marketplace are distributed.

This empowers you to strategically manage their allocation to specific target groups and individuals, fostering lasting connections with them, and driving retention and loyalty.

Privech™ serves as the marketplace to facilitate these interactions, allowing brands to use piece-of-art tecnology and infrastructure to deliver rewards to the groups they have selected

Maximize the Impact of Your Advertising Budget
Unleash a System of Retention and Loyalty

By allocating your advertising budget through Privech™, you unlock a transformative system that extends beyond brand promotion. This enables you to cultivate retention and loyalty by generating greater incentives as you invest more in advertising. Strengthen relationships with all your target groups while making a lasting impact on your budget.

Ignite the Power of Privech™ Digital Advertising

Maximize brand reach, engage with a targeted audience, and drive conversions with precision using our innovative digital advertising solutions

Exclusive views: Craft an incredible customer journey with Privech™

Let us delve into what Exclusive Views truly mean. In essence, each User of Privech™ is granted just one Exclusive View pack per day. This package comprises a trifecta: one video, one push notification, and one email/newsletter – and it’s exclusively from a single brand. This unique approach ensures that the target group remains completely immersed in the brand’s message.

On the flip side, Privech™ generously rewards each delivered Exclusive View with 0.33% top-up bonus, further enhancing the user’s interest in following brand campaigns.

With the powerful Privech™ Campaign Creator, you can design and implement any customer journey you can imagine. It operates automatically, on a global scale, and in real-time. Unleash the potential of the Powerful Digital Funnel and revolutionize your customer engagement with Privech™.

Privedge™ Rewards: Engage and Delight Your Audience

At Privech™, we believe in rewarding users for their attention and engagement with your brand. Our platform provides a seamless experience for delivering rewards to users, eliminating the need for companies to handle reward distribution. 

Whether it’s reading, watching, listening, liking, inviting, downloading, visiting a store, testing a product, or making a purchase, Privedge™ empowers you to define and distribute rewards for each interaction. Foster a deeper connection with your audience and make every interaction more rewarding.

Benefit from Cutting-Edge, Secure, and User-Friendly Technology

Privech™ is powered by technology that sets us apart from the rest. Create captivating campaigns with ease, as our platform enables you to swiftly generate, monitor, and update them remotely. Global reward delivery is seamless and highly secure, eliminating cumbersome processes for Users, like logging into web portals, sifting through catalogues, and printing gift cards that can’t be changed once produced.

With Privech™, the user experience is unmatched. Our app provides a seamless journey, unlike traditional web portal interactions. Additionally, our multicurrency features and send/receive options empower your employees and customers to share their rewards with friends and family, amplifying attention and interest in your company and your brands.

Experience the difference that Privech™ technology brings to engaging with your target audience!