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User Group Access and Bonuses

Privech™ creates four user groups with different names: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each group has a limit on the rewards they can receive throughout the year: €200/500/1000/2000, respectively.

Silver Group

Access to the Privech™ app.

Gold Group

Profile with limited data.

Platinum Group

Full profile and promotional messages in emails after redeeming a voucher.

Diamond Group

Full profile & approval to receive: promotional emails, push notifications, and brand videos,  all of this, once a day.

Why choose Privech™ App to inspire your target groups

Privech™ amalgamates flexibility and continuous attention and interaction rewards, delivering an unmatched user experience

Flexibility at Fingertips

With our innovative Privech™ App, Universal Gift Card can instantly convert into any retailer’s Gift Card from the Privech Catalogue.

Your customers or partners will say goodbye to the cumbersome processes of activating gift cards on web portals, printing, and being stuck with an unalterable choice.

Our ultra-fast, secure technology delivers Retailer’s Gift Card directly to their app during checkout in-store or online within two seconds. This unprecedented flexibility enables your customers to select exactly what they desire when they need it.

Unparalleled Reach

Offering access to over 1 million stores globally, the Privech™ App brings an astonishing range of options.

From retail stores to dining places, fuel stations to digital streaming services, and more, your employees and customers can opt for rewards that truly appeal to them.

This flexibility not only enhances the perceived value of rewards but also optimizes the influence of your recognition program. Make every reward significant with Privech™.

Global rewards distribution

Privech™ provides a fully digitized, secure solution for global rewards distribution and redemption.

With immediate delivery of Universal Gift Cards, you can acknowledge your target groups anywhere, ensuring their data stays secure.

Privech™ supports multiple currencies, allowing you to offer incentives in any country available on the platform and enabling users to spend Universal Gift Cards worldwide. Connect and reward effortlessly, regardless of geography!

Privech™ Special Bonus

Each day a user engages in an Exclusive View by watching videos or interacting with brand newsletters and push notifications, Privech™ rewards them with a 0.33% Top-up Bonus.

Regular participants have the opportunity to accumulate up to 10% for each top-up of their Universal Gift Card wallet.

Since the maximum monthly Top-up is €1,000, users could potentially get up to €100 per month or €1,200 annually as Privech™ top-up bonus.

Privech™ is fully eco-conscious

Privech™ is dedicated to being a completely green technology. Traditional single-use plastic Gift Cards can have a substantial environmental impact, producing up to 60 grams of CO2 per card and leading to millions of kilograms of PVC waste.

Even paper-based Gift Cards consume considerable energy.

On the other hand, Privech™ offers a totally digital solution that removes the need for physical plastic or paper cards.

By choosing Privech™, you contribute to a greener future by reducing waste and shrinking your carbon footprint, while enjoying the convenience and adaptability of digital rewards.