Privech™ App
the interface for users to
access a world of attention rewards

The Privech™ App is designed to provide users with a world of benefits and convenience. It offers a seamless and enjoyable experience while rewarding their engagement and interactions.

Rewarding Users Engagement and Profiling
Transforming Interactions into Incentives

At Privech™, we believe in recognizing and rewarding Users engagement at every step of their journey. Our innovative application allows a personalized experience, providing valuable incentives for their interactions.

Through our app, users are encouraged to provide their demographic information and shopping habits, allowing us to create personalized profiles.

This data empowers us to identify brands interested in sending tailored ads and offers that align with users’ preferences and interests.

Profiling our users ensures that the rewards they receive are relevant and valuable, enhancing their overall experience.

Feed with Videos, Messages, and Newsletters

Interactive and Informative Customers can explore a personalized feed within the app, where they receive videos, messages,  and newsletters from brands.

This interactive content keeps customers informed about the latest offers and updates while allowing them to provide valuable feedback and insights.

Allow your customers to embark on a

Journey into the Magical World of Privech™ Rewards

At Privech™, brands could also invite their customers, loyal followers, or any desired group to join the app and the Privech™ Marketplace. We’ve made it easy for brands to stay connected with their audience using special tags, all while respecting user privacy. With Privech™, you can build meaningful relationships with your customers through these tags, even though we will never know where they come from!

Universal Gift Card

As an arbiter, Brands have the power to allocate rewards to their desired audience. One of the most sought-after rewards is the Universal Gift Card.

These gift cards hold immense value as they can be converted into gift cards from thousands of renowned retailers available in the Privech™ Rewarding Catalogue.

Users can choose the retailer they prefer and enjoy the flexibility of spending their rewards on a wide range of products and services. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, dining, or entertainment, the Universal Gift Card allows users to unlock a world of possibilities and make their rewards truly personal.

Privech™ 10% top-up bonus

Top-up Bonus is a special bonus provided directly by Privech™ for each top-up of Universal Gift Cards. So, after a user receives a promotion from the brand (which includes a video, push notification, and email), they automatically get a 0.33% top-up bonus.

As users receive the Exclusive View promotion only once per day if they receive Exclusive Views throughout the month, they could reach up to 10% of the top-up bonus for any top-up of their Universal Gift Cards wallet they do in the next month.

This means that, as the maximum monthly top-up limit is €1,000, users could potentially receive up to €100 per month, or even €1,200 annually, directly from Privech™.

Easy like one-two

The usage of Universal Gift Cards is piece of cake

Step 1:
Check Incoming Transactions

The first step for users is to open the app and review their incoming transactions. They need to ensure that their rewards and incentives have arrived in their wallet, and they’re ready to start shopping!

Step 2:
Convert Universal into Gift Cards of your choice

Privech™ is lightning-fast, allowing users to choose the right gift card when they’re at the cashier’s desk. They simply insert their PIN, show the barcode to the cashier, and they’re all set!

It is Users’ right to be rewarded

The primary function of the Privech™ Marketplace is to connect directly users and brands with the goal of rewarding users for their attention and allowing brands to communicate directly with target groups without intrusion, fostering genuine attention and interaction while avoiding undesirable practices.

Enjoy in Shopping with Friends and Family

Users can send any amount of Universal Gift Card to their family and friends if they also download the free Privech™ App.

It takes less than 5 seconds, and their family members and friends can choose their preferred brands for their shopping needs.

Users can even send Universal Gift Cards abroad without worrying about exchange rates, as the Privech™ App seamlessly integrates this feature.

*Please note, Privech™ applies a small transaction fee of 0.5% each time users spend or send Universal Gift Card.

Users who Love the Privech™ App
can use it all the time

Once Users become accustomed to Privech™, it becomes hard for them to imagine shopping without up to 10% Top-up Bonus.

So, they will anxiously await for next incentives and rewards with every top-up.