Introducing Privech™


Redefed Advertising & Incentive Programs

Developing efficient advertising campaigns can be challenging, especially in a world where users are tired of intrusive and interruptive approaches. Privech™ revolutionizes this problem by offering incentives dedicated to users for their interactions with brands.

We’re proud to introduce Privech™ TechLab, where we’ve dedicated ourselves to simplifying the entire process for marketing managers and users. Our goal is not just to reward users for their interactions but to deliver an exceptional journey that ensures heightened engagement and the success of your advertising campaigns.

Here’s how Privech™ TechLab revolutionizes the digital advertising landscape:

Privech™ Technology

Our superior technology solution eliminates the need for agencies to launch and manage your campaigns. With our intuitive wizard, you can easily set up and launch campaigns with just a few clicks.

Users, on the other hand, can avoid insecure web portals and the distribution of gift cards via email or SMS. They can enjoy a flexible, smooth, real-time, and highly secure management of incentives and rewards.

Tested on Our Skin

Drawing from our extensive experience in the global gift card market, Privech™ has gained invaluable insights. We’ve delivered millions of rewards to our own shopping community, allowing us to test ideas, concepts, and the effectiveness of gift cards in the market.

The feedback from tens of thousands of our members has been instrumental in building and continually improving the product we offer today. We value their input and strive to provide the best possible experience for our users.

Key Features of Privech™ Web Portal

The Privech™ Web Portal will be your primary interface to interact with the platform. You can start by registering your company data and uploading lists of users, including existing customers, potential customers, collaborators, employees, and business partners. This allows you to invite them to download the Privedge App in a personalized way.

Once you’ve set up your account, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Create and manage all advertising campaigns
  • Perform the arbitrating job of distributing  Universal Gift Cards, with tailor-made options to incentivize those who have the biggest impact on your company’s success
  • Access financial data, including orders and invoices
  • Gain insights from general analytics on redemption and usage of rewards
Key Features of Privech™ Explorer

Having control over your overall spending in advertising is crucial. With the Privech™ Explorer, you can find any interaction with your brand registered in the powerful and transparent Privech™ Sertified database. This incredible transparency of technology also benefits you by archiving all your advertising spending in one place, making it easier for analytics or control purposes.

Privech Explorer provides information on:

  • Any interaction made by customers with your brand and any reward that has been delivered to them
  • Distribution of Universal Gift Cards to users’ accounts when you perform your arbitrating job
  • Transformation of Universal Gift Cards into gift cards from precise retailers in each user account
  • Analytics on Exclusive Views

Discover the power of Privech™ TechLab and unlock the potential of targeted advertising and rewarding programs for every interaction your brands make.