Enriched Shopping Experience using Universal Vouchers

Top it up using bank transfers, credit cards, gift cards, or even cash in countries that support PrivEdge top-ups. Send any amount to family and friends, and they’ll receive it instantly, anywhere in the world.

Experience the flexibility of a Digital Wallet for Universal Vouchers.

You can send any amount to your family and friends. Convert Universal Vouchers into any vouchers you need in the blink of an eye. There’s no need to select vouchers at home, print them, and carry paper while shopping. Simply take your phone with the PrivEdge App and enjoy your shopping experience.

A Single App for the Entire World

Whether you’re travelling abroad or sending Universal Vouchers to someone in another country, there’s no need to worry.
The PrivEdge App is multi-currency, allowing you to spend your Universal Vouchers anywhere in the world without concerns about local currencies and prices.
You’ll spend in your local currency, while retailers or friends abroad will receive vouchers in their own currency.

Receive a reward
for every voucher purchased.

Easily convert your reward into more Universal Vouchers with just a single click.