Omnichannel for post COVID-19 era

Let’s be realistic: New posts on social media or new front window in a store won’t be enough to recover your market position from the period “before Covid-19”.

The world is changing and you will need new strategies to adjust your business to those changes.

AD:VANTAGE is a free, ready-to-use omnichannel which allows you to integrate advertising, traditional stores, e-commerce and loyalty programs.

The goal is to deliver an unforgettable Journey to every single Customer, all the time.

Unique Customer Experience

Integrate all your separate strategies, technologies and organisation units in one omnichannel and in one single mobile application.

  1. Deliver the same experience to your Customers while they communicate or buy from you by any channel
  2. Use omnichannel as a funnel which takes Customers directly to your stores or your e-commerce
  3. Forget customers’ data collection problems and privacy issues. Give the maximum possible privacy to your Customers by using blockchain technology

& get 3 months unlimited access to Alliance, for free

Take the opportunity
Gain AD:VANTAGE for your brands

Get Free Digital Advertising 

Don’t waste your precious budget to pay digital media. Launch your campaigns with 3-months Free Access right away, without spending a single dime.

Increase your Online & Offline Sale 

Avoid interruptions on customer decision process. Sell your products right after you have delivered your advertising message.

Customers will be grateful if you offer simplest and most convenient way to buy from your stores or e-commerce.

Engage with Your Customers to keep them loyal

Reward your Customers for any action they take, from watching your videos to recommending your store to their Friends. Don’t think about a rewarding budget; rewards are included in your 3-months free access.

Bring The Value to Get The Value
Get AD:VANTAGE from Alliance

Reach New Customers 

Get access to millions of potential new Customers, brought together by other brands in Alliance. Use cutting edge technology to deliver your ad to the right Consumer at the right time.

Capitalize on cross sell 

Help Customers finish their shopping in the right way: “your shoes can go perfectly with the dress just sold by our other alliance partner.”

Keep Customers Loyal 

AD:VANTAGE rewards each Customer for any action they take and you will not need the budget to keep Customers loyal. Customers understand and accept this unique, simple to use and fast rewarding system.

Activate 3 months, all-inclusive, unlimited access to Alliance, for free

  1. FAST: it takes only 24 hours, from the moment you deliver your data to the moment we launch your campaigns and integrate your stores and e-commerce 
  2. EASY: 100% effortless; you will not lift a finger and your company will have its omnichannel activated
  3. NO RISK: 3 months trial period, all-inclusive access to Alliance, which allows you to launch an unlimited number of campaigns and to activate an unlimited number of traditional stores & e-commerce.

& get 3 months unlimited access to Alliance, for free

Go Free Forever: Share your company’s referral link by your social media channels, send it in your emails and newsletters or place it as printed QR code in your traditional stores and AD:VANTAGE will deliver you 1 month free access, for each 1.000 Customers who downloaded App with your company’s referral link.