Frequently Asked Questions
For Brands

What is Privech?

Why should my brand join Privech?

What are the initial costs and the level of advertising budget we should dedicate to Privech?

What is EV?

How does the Arbiter function work?

What kind of rewards do users receive from Privedge?

What is a Universal Gift Card?

How can users check the rewards they've received?

Users’ Universal Gift Card rewards are delivered instantly to their wallet, accompanied by a push notification informing them of the amount received. Users can review all their received rewards and track their Gift Cards in the Wallet section of their App.

What is top-up bonus?

What is the value of the top-up bonus and how is it delivered?

Why are users incentivized with a top-up bonus?

Who can be invited by brands or other users to download the Privech app?

The Privech app is completely free and available to all users aged 16 and above. However, it’s important to use the tag system when brands invite large groups of target audiences. This system allows brands to better distribute rewards to the right users.

For Users

What is the Universal Gift Card?

The Privech Universal Gift Card (UGC) is a digital gift card that can be converted into gift cards from well-known global retailers. Retailers’ gift cards can then be used to make purchases either online or in their physical stores.

What is the Privech Digital Wallet?

The Privech wallet is a digital, decentralized wallet where you can store all your UGC received from brands or topped up by Privech. You have full control of your wallet, and you are responsible for its security. You can perform operations like Send/Request to send or receive UGC to/from your wallet, for sharing with family members and friends. You can also track all the retail gift cards you’ve purchased using your UGC.

Is it possible to access my Privech wallet if my phone is lost or stolen?

What is the Privech Wallet Secure Code?

What are the consequences if the Secure Code for my UGC wallet is lost or forgotten?

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