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For Retailers

What is a Digital Gift Card?

A Digital Gift Card is a payment instrument that allows you to exchange benefits with your customers. They purchase a card for a higher amount in advance, and you provide them with rewards immediately, rather than at the final milestone of a loyalty program.

How do digital gift cards increase liquidity for a business?

How do digital gift cards contribute to sales growth?

  • Higher Spending: Studies have shown that customers tend to spend more when they use gift cards compared to when they pay with cash or credit. This often leads to increased sales, as customers are likely to spend beyond the card’s value.
  • Impulse Purchases: Having a gift card often encourages customers to make spontaneous purchases, thereby increasing the overall sales volume.

In what ways do digital gift cards enhance customer loyalty?

Why should I choose Privech as my Digital Gift Card provider?

Why should I use Privech Digital Gift Card instead of our company's Gift Cards which we already have?

Although you can keep using your existing Gift Cards, and you can even simply integrate your codes into Privech, there are several reasons why using Privech is a more efficient solution:

  • Access to a Wider Market: With Privech, you will reach a vast market of new customers who are already accustomed to using Gift Cards.
  • Resale Network: Privech resells Gift Cards through a developed network of gift card reseller agencies both nationally and worldwide.
  • IGCO Marketing Campaign: You will be allowed to use the Initial Gift Card Offerings (IGCO) digital marketing campaign, completely free (developed by Privech and approved by you).
  • Prime Positioning: You will have a special position at the top of the first page on the Privech User App, ensuring visibility to your customers even when they are purchasing gas, groceries, or any other products.
  • Blockchain Security: Privech uses a powerful blockchain solution, guaranteeing the highest level of security.
  • Digitalization: Privech Gift Cards are a completely digitized solution, eliminating the costs of producing plastic Gift Cards and reducing CO2 pollution associated with physical cards.

What is IGCO?

How much time is necessary to launch my Digital Gift Card?

What are the limits of usage of my Digital Gift Card after IGCO?

At Privech®, we believe in no limits. You will have the right to use an unlimited number of Digital Gift Cards, transactions (including topping up or selling new Gift Cards and redeeming Gift Cards), stores (both offline and online), cashiers, and POS apps. Everything is unlimited.

What do I charge and get from Privech if they resell my Gift Cards to their customers or other resellers, and when do I receive the money?

What are my costs to launch IGCO and use Digital Gift Cards?

For Brands

How does the Privech® Advertising platform work?

  • Attention Marketplace: Privech offers a platform where brands can directly engage with users.
  • Incentive Mechanism: Users are rewarded for their attention and interactions with brands, such as watching videos, creating profiles, and inviting friends.
  • Win-Win Situation: This approach benefits both brands and users. Brands gain meaningful engagement and better target distribution, while users receive rewards for their participation.

This creates a powerful and mutually beneficial ecosystem for both brands and users.

Why should my brand join Privech?

What are the initial costs and the level of advertising budget we should dedicate to Privech?

What is Exclusive View (EV)?

How does the Arbiter function work?

What kind of rewards do users receive from Privech?

What is a Universal Gift Card?

How can users check the rewards they've received?

Users’ Universal Gift Card rewards are delivered instantly to their wallet, accompanied by a push notification informing them of the amount received. Users can review all their received rewards and track their Gift Cards in the Wallet section of their App.

How does the Privech User App work and who can use it?

The Privech® User App is completely free and available to all users aged 16 and above. However, when brands invite large groups of target audiences, it’s important to use the tag system. This system allows brands to better distribute rewards to the right targets, ensuring that rewards reach the most relevant users.

For Users

Why should I use Privech®?

Privech® powers a loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points by making regular purchases at the biggest retail chains around the world. Instead of carrying dozens of loyalty cards in your wallet, which only offer symbolic rewards after enormous spending in each program separately, Privech® lets you spend your monthly budget everywhere you regularly shop: gas stations, grocery stores, fashion stores, online retailers, and more. Through all these purchases, you accumulate points to get truly valuable rewards.

How does the Privech® Loyalty Program work?

A: For every 500 points you accumulate within 90 days, you will receive a €15 Universal Gift Card. Here’s how you can earn points:

  • Watch a video: Earn 1 point.
  • Complete your profile: Earn 10 points.
  • Invite friends to use the Privech® App: Earn 20 points.
  • Top-up your wallet: Earn 1 point for every €1 you add.
  • Use Digital Gift Cards issued by Privech: Earn a significant number of points, making it the best way to accumulate rewards quickly.

This program incentivizes engagement on the Privech Platform and rewards you for various interactions.

What do I need to pay to activate my account?

The Privech App is completely free, and there are no conditions to use it. You can use it whenever you want and as much as you find it useful. Activating your account is a simple process: you will insert a 4-digit PIN and repeat it. That’s it. You are ready to go!

What is the Universal Gift Card?

The Privech Universal Gift Card (UGC) is a digital gift card that can be converted into gift cards from well-known global retailers. Retailers’ gift cards can then be used to make purchases either online or in their physical stores.

What is the Privech Digital Wallet?

The Privech wallet is a digital, decentralized wallet where you can store all your UGC received from brands or topped up by Privech. You have full control of your wallet, and you are responsible for its security. You can perform operations like Send/Request to send or receive UGC to/from your wallet, for sharing with family members and friends. You can also track all the retail gift cards you’ve purchased using your UGC.

Is it possible to access my Privech wallet if my phone is lost or stolen?

What are the consequences if the Secure Code for my UGC wallet is lost or forgotten?

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