Nothing is More Powerful than an Idea Whose Time has Come – Victor Hugo

Many retailers have adopted loyalty programs to help drive more customers to them, as well as to ensure existing customers come back to them for their products and service offerings.

Yet, the infrastructure and maintenance associated with building even a digital-only reward system can far surpass the budget of many smaller companies.

AD:VANTAGE blockchain technology can lower the cost of entry for many such companies due to its ability to be highly secure and decentralized.  Consumers are already accustomed to mobile phones and all kind of digital wallets. The switch to blockchain-based reward tokens for existing businesses will most likely be a frictionless experience as well.

As cryptocurrencies become a more integrated solution in the modern world, companies are now turning to AD:VANTAGE token to provide customers with an opportunity to be rewarded for their loyalty in more ways than ever before.

Not only that, AD:VANTAGE token enables rewarding your customers, it also opens the door to a strong global crypto community – access to new customers.

There are hundreds of millions of consumers around the world who love to discover deals, clip coupons, apply promo codes and leverage loyalty programs – and now this money-saving movement is making its way into the cryptocurrency market.

Why, wouldn’t you take your share?