How PrivEdge Platform Works for Shoppers and Associations

PrivEdge platform serves as a hub connecting shoppers and associations, enabling people to make purchases that trigger 2.5% donations to charitable organizations.

PrivEdge a hassle-free way to raise funds & make a real impact

There’s no cost to associations or customers, and 100% of the donation from eligible purchases goes to the consumer’s selected charity. For socially aware shoppers, this added benefit is an effortless way to support associations.

The platform’s ease of use attracts socially responsible shoppers to PrivEdge.

They can choose the association they want to support, change it later if desired, and shop via the PrivEdge app on their mobile devices.

While PrivEdge isn’t the only option for charitable shopping, its tech solution stands out for its convenience.

How it works

Pros for Consumers:

Simple and free: Most people shop with mobile phones, making it easy to include a charitable donation. It’s simple to sign up, choose a charity, and direct a small portion of their purchase price to the chosen charity. There’s no additional cost beyond the purchase price.

Pros for Organizations:

Potentially lucrative for the right organizations: PrivEdge donations can accumulate for large organizations with many supporters, even though individual donations are small. Some charities raise significant funds this way.

Easy to set up:

If you have a charity/association status, it’s simple to get started with PrivEdge. After that, minimal effort is required to maintain it. For some associations, the PrivEdge platform is an effortless way to generate more funds.

Most supporters shop online:

Even for smaller associations, this fact is persuasive. If your supporters are already online, why not register to receive any ensuing donations?

Long-term donations

PrivEdge platform enables passive, long-term donations: PrivEdge collects donations from engaged consumers and automatically remembers each user’s chosen charity, generating donations as they shop.