Let us bring our customers to your Store

AD:VANTAGE is the biggest Shopping Community using cryptocurrencies. Our job is to promote your Company and bring our customers to your store to purchase your products and services.

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Our Customers like AD:VANTAGE Token

We reward our Affiliate Shoppers with a 20% reward in AD:VANTAGE Token for all purchases made at any affiliated store.

Simple & Efficient rewarding system!

No Gain, No Pain

Unlike with many other digital platforms, here you will not pay for the promotion of your business.

It is enough to give us a 20% discount on your vouchers we are purchasing for our Affiliate Shoppers.

And that’s all.

No Gain, No Pain

Boost Your Sales with Universal Vouchers

Our Affiliate Shoppers Top-Up their digital wallets with Universal Vouchers and use them instead of cash or credit card to pay your services.

How it works
  1. Activate your company within ADVN Business App and add your stores
  2. Send us your vouchers or use our system to generate them.
  3. Our Affiliate Shoppers visit your store and purchase your products
  4. Your cashier scans the bar code, with AD:VANTAGE POS App.
  5. You get paid from AD:VANTAGE  for sold vouchers

Introducing blockchain technology to everyday life and creating added value for Customers and Merchants

Activating Your Account

Purchase AD:VANTAGE Token in €500 value, hold it in your company wallet,
and get activation of Business Account for free

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