Enriched Shopping Experience with Universal Vouchers

Customers top up their digital wallets in AD:VANTAGE App with Universal Vouchers.

After that, they get a 20% Reward in ADTT immediately.

On the cashier’s desk in the affiliated store, they redeem Universal Vouchers for Merchant’s voucher with just one tap.

Earn rewards for everyday shopping.

Step into the crypto world. No need to purchase crypto, simply get it for free!

The greater your community,
the greater your reward.

AD:VANTAGE App the home of AD:VANTAGE Token

The AD:VANTAGE token (ADTT), is a native utility token that rewards users throughout the AD:VANTAGE ecosystem with shopping at affiliated stores, but also with holding tokens in their wallets.

ADTT  is built on the AD:VANTAGE superfast blockchain with up to 4000 TPS (transactions per second).

ADTT is listed on the World’s Largest Decentralized Exchange, Uniswap.

In the true spirit of crypto decentralization, holding the AD:VANTAGE token will give the community a power of decentralized consumer society.

20% reward in AD:VANTAGE Tokens
for each Voucher purchase.

Hold your Tokens in AD:VANTAGE Wallet
and get VIP bonuses & rewards.

Affiliate Dashboard to effectively track
your affiliate network performance.

Exponential Growth of the Community

Start developing your own Community by sharing Invite link to your friends. 

Through this unprecedented reward program built within the AD:VANTAGE ecosystem, the Ten Circles affiliate program makes your digital revenue stream easily growing without much effort.

Leverage your connections with Ten Circles affiliate program to build a digital business with an exponential growth. 

The secret of success with AD:VANTAGE is making AD:VANTAGE work for you.