Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I join AD:VANTAGE?

Who can sign up?

Does it cost anything to use benefits of AD:VANTAGE app?

What is the reward for customers?

What is ADTT?

What do I need to do to earn ADTT?

What is Universal Voucher?

How do I get Universal Voucher?

What is UV?

What is Start Reward?

Where do I collect ADTT?

How many ADTT do I earn with each purchase?

How do I know how many tokens I have accumulated?

Can I exchange ADTT for real money?


What is AD:VANTAGE wallet?

Who controls my AD:VANTAGE wallet?

Can access my wallet if I have lost my phone?

What is Secure Code?

What would happen if I lost Secure Code?

What is the best way to protect my Secure Code?

Earn with AD:VANTAGE

How can I earn with AD:VANTAGE?

How can I build a community?

What is the best way to build a large community?


What do I need to do as VIP AD:VANCER?

What other benefits do I have as VIP AD:VANCER?


Why Should I join the AD:VANTAGE Merchant Program?

How much does it cost to promote my Business to AD:VANTAGE community?

How to activate my business with AD:VANTAGE?

Can I terminate my business from AD:VANTAGE platform?

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