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powered by blockchain

AD:VANTAGE builds a community of Affiliate Shoppers. We simply transform retailers’ discounts into powerful crypto reward – AD:VANTAGE token.

Become VIP – Ad:vancer

Earn rewards for things you are already shopping

To get AD:VANTAGE token, you don’t need to change your habits. Purchase products in favourite stores as usual, and get a 20% reward in AD:VANTAGE Token (ADTT) directly to your AD:VANTAGE App.

How it works for the Shoppers

Top up your digital wallet with Universal Vouchers and use them instead of cash or credit card.

You will get a 20% reward immediately after purchasing Universal Vouchers. With a vast offer of retail chains and numerous affiliated businesses, AD:VANTAGE is becoming a preferred Shopping Mall for any demanding modern Shopper.

Why is this rewarding system so attractive?

You can use Token to unlock VIP features dedicated only for Ad:vancers, or you can spend them in our VIP Catalogue with several thousands products from the most valuable fashion brands.

More shopping made by the community, more Tokens will be delivered as a reward.

If the amount of Tokens which needs to be delivered as reward exceeds available Tokens from initial supply, AD:VANTAGE will purchase them on the market.

Start your own Shopping Community

Isn’t it great that you can take the first step simply by giving an invitation?

We’re living in a moment of unprecedented economy change. As more and more people consider leaving their current roles in pursuit of something better, joining a fast-growing community may truly change their lives.

Share your invite link with friends, and help them build a big community and an even bigger life through our proven models, and systems.