Your Engagement Your Rewards
Make your engagement really count

At Privech, we believe users have the right to be rewarded for their attention and interactions.

We have designed and developed an innovative app capable of measuring and providing rewards for any kind of engagement you have with brands and retailers.

Whether it is shopping with Gift Cards, watching videos, or completing surveys, you will always be rewarded.

We believe you will prefer real money over hats, t-shirts, plates, or knives

So, we provide rewards in Euros (or in your local currency).

The process is simple: each time you top-up your wallet, use a Gift Card, watch a video, create your profile, or invite friends, you earn Privech® Points.

Then you redeem 500 Points for €15 of Universal Gift Card, and you can spend them wherever you want.

It is simple and tangible

Do what you are already doing, and get more money to spend

The main problem with the loyalty cards you already have in your wallet is that you need to spend a lot of money at each of those stores to get any reward. But your life isn’t built around spending tens of thousands of Euros at the same store. Instead, you spend smaller amounts at different stores throughout the month.

Privech® Loyalty Program is superior:

  1. You can spend wherever you want, any amount you want, and you will always get Points.
  2. It’s already fast, and with rewards for interactions, it’s even faster.
A new way of shopping with Universal Gift Cards

Imagine a magical Gift Card that can be used everywhere, from supermarkets and gas stations to fashion, electronics, dining, or entertainment, both in your country and abroad.

That is exactly what the Universal Gift Card is.

You simply choose specific Gift Cards from thousands of renowned retailers available in the Privech Rewarding Catalogue, and with one click, you transform your UGC into the Gift Card you need.

Top-up Privech wallet with UGC or get them for free

Top-up your Privech® digital wallet with Universal Gift Cards and pay for your regular shopping just like you would with credit cards or cash.

The difference is that you will get points immediately, which means even more UGC to spend wherever you want.

And the more you use Gift Cards, the more likely you are to become part of the target group for brands that deliver UGC directly to you for free.

Easy like one-two

The usage of UGC is piece of cake
Step 1:
Check Your balance on Privech Wallet

The first step is to open the Privech app and check your balance in the Wallet.

Step 2:
Convert UGC into Gift Cards of your choice

Privech is lightning-fast, allowing users to choose the right gift card when they’re at the cashier’s desk. They simply insert their PIN, show the barcode to the cashier, and they’re all set!

Join Privech today

Give more power to your money in a matter of seconds. Start using UGC today and get rewards from retailers and brands.

Enjoy Shopping with Friends and Family

You can send any amount of Universal Gift Card to your family and friends if they also download the Privech App.

It takes less than 5 seconds, and their family members and friends can choose their preferred brands for their shopping needs.

*Please note, that Privech applies a small transaction fee of 0.5% each time users spend or send a Universal Gift Card.

Get more Privech Points by referring friends

Help your friends boost their shopping, just like you did.

Share the invitation link with them and enjoy a special reward of 20 Points when the friends you invited make their first top-up of their Privech Wallet.